Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Voting Bandwagon

Well the rules of blogging state that you have to have an entry on election day telling people to vote so here is the obligatory blog entry.

Seriously, God has granted us freedom in our lives. We have free will to make our own choices each day of whether to follow Him and how best to do so. In the USA, we are also blessed to be free to choose our leaders. Most humans do not have this freedom at least not to the extent that we do. Though it is good to realize that there are two new countries embarking on the rocky road to self-government.

Whoever you vote for, please vote and please pray that God will bless our leaders to make wise decisions.

The big focus is on the Presidential election, but I think that the local races have a greater impact on our daily lives than the national races. So don't forget to vote for the local candidates and make an informed decision.

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