Sunday, November 07, 2004

Be careful what you ask for

Whenever you ask God to bless you or something you are doing, you had better be ready for the result.

My mom tells the story of when she was pregnant with my little (not so much anymore) brother. We all prayed for a little boy after having 2 straight girls. When Dan was born, he had a head of hair that made him look like a little boy rather than a newborn infant.

Well we've been praying for our LTC program which we've gotten started recently. We were hoping for 5-10 participants this year to get things going. Tonight we had 20 who have committed to participating this year. We're still getting organized and things are a little rough, but apparently God wants us to do much more than we asked or even imagined.

So we have our work cut out for us. I'm also in charge of VBS for next summer so I'll be more careful with that one... Just kidding.

Keep on praying.
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