Friday, February 01, 2013

Worship Planning: The Good Life

For February 3, 2013

Still in the King of Kings sermon series so the praise songs honor Christ the king. The theme is living a Christian life in contrast to the life the world portrays. I started with a list of 23 songs and had to whittle it down to pieces of 10.
"We Fall Down" has the idea of laying our crowns at Jesus’ feet; as I mentioned last time this is a powerful concept for me now. Starting with lifting Jesus high and making ourselves fall down is a great picture. Contrasting ideas that go together. Also, the tempo goes from a fast song to get everyone ready then a slower song to relax them going into the prayer. Coming out of the prayer we start with the slower "How Sweet How Heavenly" and then move into the faster praise medley. Gradual transitions between fast and slow songs and prayers prevent jerking everyone around and help create a mood.
In the responsive reading from Revelation 7:9-12 the congregation reads the quotations of praise. Transitioning from "How Sweet How Heavenly" into the Praise to the King medley via this heavenly praise session seem appropriate.
When trying to weave in old and new songs I am also paying attention to which verses match the theme and the mood as well as using language that our modern sensibilities understand without too much explanation. Key word is "
relevant." I try to consider how the worship can be relevant to everyone for at least some portion of our time together.

Singing "Just As I Am" to the tune of "Lamb of God"  is something I’ve done before and enjoy the updated melody with the older words.
"Blessed Be Your Name" is one of my new favorites. I love the message that whether things are going well or poorly, we are to praise to God and give all glory to him.
The closing song is a reprise of the earlier medley to try to wrap things up nicely.

Lord I Lift Your Name On High (2x) Bb/D
We Fall Down (1x) E/G#
Announcements & Prayer
Make sure to mention that later we will be singing Just As I Am/Lamb of God
709 How Sweet How Heavenly (1, 4, 5) Bb/F
Responsive Reading Revelation 7:9-12 (Congregation reads bold)
Praise to the King Medley
578 We Will Glorify (1) E/G#
144 O Worship the King (1) A/E
15 Step by Step (1x) Ab/Eb
O Worship the King (2) A/E
We Will Glorify (4) E/G#
478 Nearer Still Nearer Db/F

(Bread) 365 How Beautiful (1) Eb
(Cup) 943 Do You Know My Jesus (chorus) C^

66 Doxology G
Blessed Be Your Name A/C#
Scripture Matthew 5:1-12
Sermon “Ahhh, The Good Life”
Just As I Am/Lamb of God (1-3 then chorus to Lamb of God, 5-6 then chorus) D
578 We Will Glorify (4, 1) E/G#

During the opening announcements I plan on playing a video message from one of our missionaries (and my brother-in-law) in Rwanda about how they are making disciples and planting corn.

Here is the list of songs I had picked out initially. Even though several facebook friends said I should sing them all I didn't want to have to get the rotten tomato stains out of my clothes.

Come Now Is the Time to Worship
We Fall Down
Love Divine
Blessed Be Your Name
Lord I Lift Your Name On High
We Will Glorify
All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name
O Worship the King
Step by Step
O Happy Day to the tune of Lamb of God
O Love that Will Not Let Me Go
Wonderful Grace of Jesus
A Beautiful Life
How Sweet How Heavenly
It Is Well With My Soul
My Eyes are Dry
Purer In Heart O God
Take My Life and Let It Be
Do You Know My Jesus (chorus)
Invitation: Just As I Am to the tune of Lamb of God (2 verses at a time then chorus to Lamb of God)

For Communion:
How Beautiful
In Christ Alone
We Saw Thee Not
Nearer Still Nearer