Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Motown Woes

You hear about the bad economy in places like Detroit on the news, but it's so weird being here and seeing it firsthand.

We are right downtown, and there is NO traffic and no signs of anything close to a bustling city. If it weren't for this conference I don't think you'd see much on the streets besides the little traffic for the Tigers game. I'll be part of that traffic tomorrow night as they play the Yankees. There are so many office buildings that are completely empty and getting run down. The casinos around seem a desperate attempt to revive the dead. Just across the river in Canada, things look a little more lively. There are some signs of high-tech thriving business but they are like oases in the desert. I heard that in the 60's the population was 1.7 million, now it's below 800,000

If you want some cheap office space and no traffic commutes, Detroit might just be the place for you. Our CEO has already declined our suggestion that he look into it.