Friday, April 20, 2012

A Bit of Pride

Today my oldest son Sean (12) entered into the world of blogging with his contribution to our church blog. Does God Really Know EVERYTHING? He's been listening to a lot of lessons from Patrick Mead on his iPod and especially likes the series "God at War" which talks about the spiritual warfare going on around us and what is the future--what does God know and when did he know it--and lots of other stuff. He loves to talk about it and about philosophy, theology, etc in general. It's amazing how much he's growing up. He did a great job filling a leadership roll in the LTC chorus recently and has done several Bible readings in classes and worship.

I should take a minute to brag about the other two as well. Josh (9) is playing soccer and loves playing goalie. Not only is he good at it, but he likes it because he doesn't have to run much. He has stopped a lot of balls, and the ones he doesn't stop he is diving for.

Nathan (5 mos) is working on crawling and is so close. You can tell he is learning how to move and it even seems he is listening to me as I'm coaching him to "get on your knees". It won't be long.

The grow up so fast and are such a blessing.