Sunday, October 17, 2004

A Fridge'd Day

We had a rainy day which we spent inside working on the kitchen. I also made two trips to Lowe’s in support of our efforts. Sean built some really cool roller coasters on the computer game and Joshua did his normal thing of playing with trains while telling stories about Thomas and Percy, watching videos, and drinking milk.

The new fridge is still sitting in our living room while the old one is sitting in our front yard (I need to call Sears about that). Most of my day was spent with running a water line to the fridge and scraping up the old floor. We tried taking the line down and under the house and over to where the fridge is. The first problem was that there was a cinder block wall about 3 feet short of the fridge, but there was a cinder block turned sideways to allow some cables to pass thru. Surely there would be another entrance to get around the wall. Well, there wasn’t, and don’t call me Shirley. So after drilling both the holes (which we now have to patch) we took the hose through the under the sink wall, below the drawers, through the side wall into the closet, along the closet wall, and finally into the cubby for the fridge. Now we just have to prime the floor, lay the tile and move in the fridge. Oh, that’s assuming that we can get the fridge by the bar. If not, then it’s bye-bye bar. We’re going to take it out sometime, but hopefully that won’t be tomorrow.

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