Friday, September 17, 2004

Ministry fair

Lots of stuff going on at church. With our newly added elders and deacons, we've had a lot of people with a lot of ideas which require even more people to implement. In order to involve everyone, we're having a ministry fair on October 3rd, before and after morning worship. Each area of ministry is setting up a booth or display describing the various aspects of the ministry in order to inform the congregation of what's going on and to solicit participation.

My areas of ministry are as follows:
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Leadership Training for Christ (LTC)
  • Wednesday night devo coordination
  • Office computer maintenance
I'm pusing really hard to get LTC started here this year. We did a VBS in 2000, the year before the fire, and I think it's high time we made it an anual event.

There's a lot to do, an I pray that many more of our members will become involved in the next year that has been the case in years past.

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