Thursday, September 02, 2004

Back to School

Sean started kindergarten this week. Wednesday was a 45 minute orientation and today was his first full day. He was going to ride the bus home, but there was no bus. There was supposed to be a bus, but we were misinformed. So he had to wait around until Kathryne went to pick him up.

It's like pulling teeth to get him to talk about what he did at school. I ask him "Did you do this, dis you do that?" and he still doesn't remember. He's already on the right track because he did say school was boring today. I look at it from the standpoint that no one brought a gun or tried to blow up the school. That's a good kind of boring.

He did get to look at some books about volcanoes and earthquakes which he enjoys very much. Just as long as they stay in the books. Visit the website for Brownsville Elementary if you want to find out more about his school.

We have about 10 rolls of film we need to get developed. When we do, I'll post some pictures.
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