Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Last of the Two-mores

Today is the last of our "Two-mores". After today, we're down to the "One-mores". One more Tuesday; one more Wednesday; one more Sunday worship. We're down to the last week and it gets harder and harder to think about leaving. We're making progress on the packing, but the thought of leaving all our friends and loved ones here is very hard.

The kids are taking it very well, but I'm sure this will psychologically affect them for years to come. We've started a new discipline technique with Sean. I told him he could blame grandpa (my dad) for telling me stories about how it was used on him as a kid. Whenever he gets sassy or has a bad attitude, he has to stand facing the wall with his arms out holding books while we count to 60. We may shift to exercise weights later, so as not to create a negative impression of books, but for now they are already packed. We'll see if this changes his attitude that has continued to worsen in spite of many timeouts and spankings. Other similar techniques we may try include push-ups and sit-ups. In addition to disciplining him, this will also help his physical development.
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