Tuesday, February 01, 2005

In Sickness and in Health

When do we get to health part? :) Kathryne's managed to be healthy lately, but the rest of us have been fighting coughs and colds for the last couple weeks. We're finally seeming to get over it. I haven't not been congested since Thanksgiving. We really need to switch our carpeting to hard flooring. Also the windows need some work. I’m reminded of George Bailey's line in "It's a Wonderful Life" about the old drafty house. The weather's been fairly warm for a while unlike many parts of the country.

I'm getting ready to leave for Korea again in a few weeks. It's really cold there now.

We got Joshua some new clothes with the b-day gift card. I finally used my B&N gift card from Krista to get "The Screwtape Letters" by C.S. Lewis. I've also recently read "They Smell Like Sheep" by Lynn Anderson as part of our elders and deacons leadership seminar. It's a very good book that I would recommend reading if you get the chance.

We should have some new pix of the boys soon. Kathryne took to JC Pennys after Joshua's b-day and got some of just Joshua and some of them together. We also have at least a dozen roles of film that we need to get developed.

We're all staying very busy these days and I need to get to sleep.

Have a good week.

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